Friday, December 21, 2012

Wow it's been to long since I wrote in our blog.  It's now December 22, 2012 I noticed my blog address from my Son's Facebook the date is familiar as 50 years ago today I married my Children s father Wayne Bacon. We ended up having 4 Children Eric, Tanya, Tony and Todd. I will always be grateful to my Family as they are my life.
Ray and I will be Married 20 years next July and our family is Mimi and Tina. Ray actually is away in Germany visiting his only son Joel and his wife Sina and of course now has a little Granddaughter June only 7 months old whom was called after his 1st wife June that lost her life to cancer.  He is flying back on the 28th of December then we will be traveling to the warm country.
I am pleased to be able to spend Christmas with my Nieces and Great Niece and Nephew who are now 6 years old. My Sister Doriea passed away just over 6 years ago and I enjoy watching her grandchildren and see her through her daughters.
We have had a good year, doing the same RV parks from last year and added on 4 new Parks. Will try to
write more often. .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pahrump again to start out our winter travels

We ended up in Pahrump after a 3 day drive from Vancouver Canada. We stopped in Longview WA to have a coffee and desert with cousin Joyce and her husband Gary. We then went to Albany, OR to see cousin Amber. She gave us a bit of my uncle's ashes to take with us on our trips. Uncle O'Dean was loved very much and is missed by all.
Stopped in Reno, NV and stayed at the Baldinis Casino. I is free parking and the food they had in the grill was wonderful. Hamburger was as good as the In and Out burger.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

RV park updates for the past and forward months.

Here is our update a bit late but with many moves since our last blog, We finished up our guides in Cranbrook then went back to Edmonton to do the Half Moon Lake Resort and had the good fortune to contract the Longriders RV Park in Gibbons, AB.

Our next job was the Kamloops RV Park in Kamloops then Siverstar RV Park in Vernon, BC.

Had good visit with our sister Marilyn and Bill and Sept 4th went to my Brothers 70th birthday in Keremeos, BC. We had a great time also had my sister Edna and Bro Wally and Cousin Claire.

Renewed the site map for the Silverstar RV Park and went on to Westbay Marine Village and Fort Victoria, RV Parks and now at Living Forest Oceanside at least until tomorow when we go to the Seal Bay RV Park then the Pacific Playground in Blackcreek then back to Surfside RV Resort to do a new Park for us.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Core 4 Products by CNI

Well I am excited at last I have found a product that helps me lose my Core Fat.
Yes I just received my products did the weighing and measuring and now with the Core4 products will let you all know how it goes but if you want to check this out go to
my new site or
Watch the Core 4 Video and let me know what you think.
email me at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back at Radium Valley Vacation Resort.

Sorry for not keeping everyone in touch. We have been doing a lot of jobs. Will try to download some of the beautiful parks we have produced the maps for. We have done two new parks. the first one was in Sidney it was Oceanside RV Resort. This is a beautiful RV Park.
Next new park we did was in Cochrane, AB the Bow River RV Park. This also was a wonderful Park and the Managers were so nice to work with. We got the other parks done that we usually do every year and just finished doing 4 parks in the Nanaimo area. We are now in the Kootenays and at the Raium valley vacation resort. What a beautiful park. Hope to get some pictures on here. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and in good health Now in that regard
I do want to mention something that I was introduced to if your interested in staying in good physical condition and for some of us lose weight check this out or if you are from the USA go to

Sunday, February 8, 2009

High time to let everyone know where we are etc.

Hi every one here it is Feb and we have just been finishing off old jobs and trying to get some new advertisers in our site maps we did in Nov. and Dec.
We left Canada Dec. 14, 2008 and made sure that we got to visit with my Uncle Dean who is fighting cancer of the esophagus and Cousin Amber whom is also fighting Breast Cancer. We had a good visit between treatments. Traveled down I5 to Fresno then carried on to Pahrump NV.
We spent the past month and 1/2 around there. It was nice to have my brother Dave and Yvonne for Christmas.
We are now in Desert Hot Springs and enjoyed the warmth up to 26 cel or 80 Fa but the last couple of days have been a lot cooler. Have been taking pictures but will download some later.
If you want to comment on our blog email us to or
We love the RVing life and our now 2 year old Jayco.
Suzy & Mimi are both doing well Mimi has been spayed and teeth cleaned in good shape now.
Ray & I are also in great health and enjoying a bit of a break before going back to Canada in March.